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By: gogoWes
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Board Rules
These guidelines are to assist you as a member of the Anything4Free community and we would be grateful if you would operate within them during your stay here. Credit goes to Invisionize for some of our rules.
    *Be polite! Weíre a friendly, welcoming community and want it to stay like that. Donít be rude or abrasive. If youíre pleasant to others, theyíll be pleasant back. We all have disagreements now and again but we donít insult people or get angry with them. Remember to be articulate and witty. We like that. Forget about being rude or mean, we donít like that! Also, offensive, illegal or mature-themed material is not allowed.

    *Have funÖ.but not at the expense of others! We like to have fun; we enjoy a laugh and a joke as long as thatís all it is. We donít like the ridiculing of fellow community members. If you keep clear of doing that, weíll keep clear of doing that to you.

    *Please keep all personal information off of our forums. This includes names, addresses, and phone numbers of site owners, or even members. This type of behavior never leads to good things, and because we respect your privacy, we ask that you respect the privacy of those around you. Posting any type of personal information, or the sharing of personal information in any solicitation of personal information will result in a warning.

    *Because incentive sites rely on advertisers to send gifts, we ask that you do not encourage users to cancel offers, or provide any information for cancellation. If a user does not with to keep an offer, he/she may do their own research on how to cancel. Thanks for helping to keep free sites free!

    *Keep all your trading topics in the correct trading forum. Thereís one each for Referral For Cash Trades, Referral For Referral Trades, and Referral For Other Trades. If you have found a Hot Deal, please post it only in the Hot Deals forum. In addition, please use our search feature to check that a site has not been posted before.

    *SPAM! We donít like it and weíre sure you donít either. Weíre proud of our site and want it to be the best. We donít mind it if youíre from a competing site but we donít like it if you spam your site here. So donít advertise your site on ours and we wonít come and advertise our site on yours. Weíre also not at all keen on you posting and asking for people to visit your site and become members. We wouldnít do that to you so itís only right you donít do it to us. Please don't attempt to promote personal referral links through spam posts, or spam links to outside congas. It does you no good, and clutters our forum. Keeping our forum clean of referral and conga spam posts makes this a great place for everyone. To be clear, this goes for ANY links to outside sites with referral links posted on said site, whether it be another forum, a blog, an ebook, etc. This also goes for PMs. Do not private message anyone with unsolicited trade offers. EVER. This now includes "Welcome PMs." Please do not send private messages welcoming newcomers. We consider that spam as well. We do want you welcoming the n00bs, but keep it to our Introducions forum. You will be warned and eventually banned if you do so. This also goes for ebay auctions.

    *You may only have one account here on our forums. If you are caught with multiple accounts, you will be banned from A4F. If someone else at your location is going to register under the same IP address, please contact an admin or moderator immediately to let them know. Failure to do so will result in the banning of said accounts.

    *Our moderators are a fine bunch, but you might not always agree with them and they may not always agree with you. If you do happen to disagree with something one of them has done, or your topic or post has vanished or moved with no explanation, donít get all angry about it and begin posting rude messages. Instead, contact one of the Admins or Board Supervisors by PM or e-mail and explain your point of view. These things can generally be resolved pleasantly.

    *We request that you wait six hours before "bumping" a topic. This mean making a new reply to your own topic, which in effect brings your thread to the top of the page. This general rule-of-thumb is especially important in our trading section, where so many posts occur. This helps keep our trading forums fair for everyone. If someone is interested in your trade, they will reply, bumping it automatically for you. Asking others to post in your thread or friendly bumping to circumvent this rule is also not allowed.

    *We allow you to have one trading topic in each of the regular trading forums and one trading topic in each of the Beginner Trading Post forums. Additional topics will be closed.

    *Like you, we enjoy signatures and avatars and donít mind anyone having them, but try to keep them reasonable. Huge pictures (either in pixel or byte size) can get really annoying, especially to those on dial-up. Weíll ask you to change it if itís too big. Click here to see our visual guide to the maximum size your signature can be. Please note that this includes lines of text and/or images.

    *Sometimes, people might post an inappropriate topic or reply, or it may be in a place where a Moderator hasnít noticed it. If you stumble across one of these, weíd be grateful if you would use the Report Post to Moderator feature. You donít need to respond to the post saying itís in the wrong place or not really acceptable. Just report it and weíll deal with it.

    *Weíre a forgiving community. We realize that sometimes things can be said that arenít meant or are taken the wrong way. We also realize that sometimes peopleís emotions get the better of their judgment. Weíre not quite so forgiving of people who just seem to want to cause trouble. If we must, Anything4Free has a warning system at it's disposal that can be used to warn members that disobey our board guidelines. One of the Moderators will normally contact you at first and ask you to remember these guidelines. If the guidelines continue to be ignored then a warning might be issued. And if youíre a serial spammer or community disrupter, a ban may well be in order so that those of us who like to hang out here can continue having an enjoyable time.

    *Congas are a great way for you to get referrals and help others. However, in order to keep our moderator's jobs easier, you will only be added to the conga if you sign up under one of the top three links. If you sign up under someone who isn't in the top 3, don't post until that person is on top. Unfortunately, we will not make any exceptions to this rule, to keep the community and congas better places for everyone.

    *In order to prevent fraud and other users from being scammed, the use of any proxy to access A4F will result in a ban.

    *When trading for others, you are only allowed up to a maximum of 5 "freebie friends."

    *The only TR (trade rating) that counts here is TR which is earned here. So do not link/mention/show/etc TR from other forums in threads/sigs/etc.

    *Private Torrent Tracker invites cannot be traded or sold on A4F.

    *Prepaid/Virtual CC use: Any use of, selling, or promotion of of prepaid cards or virtual credit cards will get you placed on hold on the majority of freebie networks as well as banned from Anything4Free. So don't use 'em!

    *And remember, this list is in no way all inclusive. If we listed every little rule possible you probably still wouldn't be reading knowing how much more there was. We like to think our user base is fairly intelligent, and so many rules that would be considered common sense do not need to be written here. For example, when trying to start a new conga it would be cheating to post a new topic and then later on editing in the link. The obvious unfair advantage being that now that this person posted his/her conga thread first, s/he can "grandfather" him/herself as posting first, and then finish registering on the site and editing the link in later. So while that person would still be technically first, the rest of the people trying for the top spot who actually followed the global rules of fair competition would now be screwed just because they did not want to cheat. So please, do not try to cheat, and you cannot use the fact something isn't expressly mentioned in this rule sheet as justification for foul play.

Lastly, be friendly. If youíre friendly and polite weíll welcome you, youíll fit right in Anything4Free will continue to be your best resource for freebies on the web!

Thanks again to Invisionize for rule wordings.

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